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DISCLAIMER: STUDY SPANISH TRAIL is responsible for the processing and treatment of the personal data that you own and has established a number of procedures, security standards and technological tools that allow us to store, transfer, administrate, analyse and use personal information through safe protocols, legal access restrictions, safe software development practices, among others.  The following Personal Data Treatment Policies apply to users of this website:

1) SCOPE OF APPLICATION: These policies regulate the treatment of personal data and information STUDY SPANISH TRAIL obtains, stores and uses.

2) The aim of these policies is to regulate the mechanisms of collection, storing and use of public, semiprivate, private or sensitive data of users, clients, providers, customers, employees, affiliates and associates of STUDY SPANISH TRAIL, ensuring their proper treatment and privacy.

3) USER: Individual person who willingly provides or submits personal data or information to STUDY SPANISH TRAIL through any of the channels supplied by the company such as the official web site, e-mails, digital data messages, physical or electronic correspondence, both land or mobile phone lines, direct providing or submission to the administrative office, etc. By providing or submitting personal data or information to STUDY SPANISH TRAIL, the user/owner agrees to the terms and conditions of the Personal Data Treatment Policies contained in this document.

4) OWNER/HOLDER AUTHORIZATION: The personal data or information treatment requires previous and informed authorization by the owner of the Personal Data or Information. Such authorization must be obtained by any means or format that allows subsequent consultation.

5) DATA AND INFORMATION TREATMENT: STUDY SPANISH TRAIL might use the personal data or information collected to fulfil/complete/process and/or carry out any of the following purposes:

a) Sending the marketing communications that STUDY SPANISH TRAIL considers to be relevant for you.
b) Sending information regarding events, activities, promotions, offers and/or any commercial activities carried out by STUDY SPANISH TRAIL regarding its corporate purpose.
c) Establish a personalized relation that allows to provide custom offers and products.
d) Meet the requirements of our users regarding the relation they have or come to have with STUDY SPANISH TRAIL
e) Allow STUDY SPANISH TRAIL to meet its business activities such as data analysis, market research, service and web site improvement, events holding, marketing campaign effectivity, etc.
f) Delivery of personal data to third parties to whom STUDY SPANISH TRAIL handles partially or completely the Personal Data and Information Treatment operations.
g) Sending information related to the company.
h) Preserving historical records of the company and maintain contact with the owners of the personal data or information.
i) Deliver collected data and information to third parties with which the company hires/engage to storage and manage personal data and information, under the standards of security and confidentiality under which the company will be obliged.

STUDY SPANISH TRAIL under no circumstance will directly market the personal data or information collected from users.

6) PERSONAL DATA OWNER RIGHTS: In compliance with the Statutory Personal Data Protection Law, the owner of the personal data or information has the following rights:

a) To know, update and rectify their personal data before STUDY SPANISH TRAIL or the Treatment Manager or Managers.
b) To demand evidence of the authorization granted to STUDY SPANISH TRAIL except when its expressly excluded as a requisite for the treatment of personal data or information, in compliance with the Statutory Personal Data Protection Law.
c) To be informed by STUDY SPANISH TRAIL or the Treatment Manager or Managers about the use that has been given to their personal data or information
d) To access freely to the owned personal data that has undergone treatment by the company or the Treatment Manager or Managers.

7) DATA TREATMENT RESPONSIBLE: The Office Administration area of STUDY SPANISH TRAIL is responsible for receiving petitions, consultations and claims presented by the Owner of the persona data or information when exercising their rights to consult, update, rectify, supress information and to revoke the personal data treatment authorization, whose Treatment Manager must understand and comply with the policies contained in this document.

8) MASSIVE EMAILS (NEWSLETTERS) RESPONSABILITY: Notwithstanding all kinds of legal actions permitted by the law, STUDY SPANISH TRAIL is responsible for the personal data treatment of information collected or received from both our website or any of our corporate emails, according to all applicable Personal Data treatment regulations. Limited by the authorized channels of data collection referred in this Personal Data Treatment Policy, STUDY SPANISH TRAIL is committed to answer for any liability generated regarding the company personal data safety and treatment operations. If you, as an user or personal data owner, have granted your consent or authorization to subscribe to our newsletters, you must expect to receive such communications regularly, according to the service and/or product offered and our periodic marketing campaigns. We might also contact or reach out to you for a post-sale poll or brief questionnaire regarding the products and/or services provided by the Company. If the sale process or operation is interrupted, we might send you an email as a reminder. You can immediately and freely unsubscribe from this kind of notification by following the link attached to the email for that purpose or by accessing our main website and following the procedure there indicated.

9) PERIOD OF VALIDITY OF THE CORPORATE DATABASES: Notwithstanding the exceptions and obligations foreseen in the law, STUDY SPANISH TRAIL will store the Personal Data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this document.

10) CHANGES TO THE DATA TREATMENT POLICIES: In compliance with the Personal Data Protection whenever there is a significant change to the Data Treatment Policies regarding the corporate identification of STUDY SPANISH TRAIL and/or the purpose of the Personal Data Treatment and/or similar circumstances that could affect the scope of the treatment authorization, STUDY SPANISH TRAIL must inform said change to the Personal Data or information owner before or concurrently to the change or implementation of the new policies. Moreover, the Company must obtain a new authorization from the Personal Data or information owner when the change made to the Personal Data Treatment Policies refers to the purpose of the treatment.

To exercise your rights and to get further information, regarding our Personal Data Treatment Policies and/or Terms & Conditions, please contact us:

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